Anonymous activists declare “total war” on ISIS

Refusing to shrink from the challenge of ISIS’ hate-driven movement and its vulgar display of power in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Internet activist group Anonymous pledged to retaliate and has declared cyber war on the terror group.

The sprightly Internet group, identified only through individuals bearing the iconic, mustachioed Guy Fawkes mask, issued a prescient warning to ISIS in the following video, vowing to apply their programming expertise to disrupt ISIS’ online activities:



Dubbed “Operation Paris,” delivered in French, and declaring their intent to “unite humanity,” a spokesperson for Anonymous calmly delivered a chilling message:

“You should know we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you.  Expect massive cyber-attacks:  War is declared, be prepared.  The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger.”

Anonymous has already plied their craft through carefully tracing, disrupting, exposing and reporting thousands of ISIS’ Twitter accounts and pulling down over 100 ISIS-associated websites.

On Tuesday, the hacktivist group uploaded three “how-to” guides onto an Internet Relay Chat, Anonymous’ preferred method of communicating with the world.

The first guide, “NoobGuide,” provides instructions on how to hack websites; the second guide, called “Reporter,” teaches how to set up Twitter “bots” to uncover ISIS accounts; and the final guide, “Searcher,” describes the most effective avenues to explore to uncover ISIS websites.

Evidently, Anonymous represents the good side of civilization

Although often a crafty group, Anonymous harnessing their considerable computer expertise to combat ISIS hate routinely broadcast online and through Twitter may prove to be a considerable ally.

In expressing willingness to blunt ISIS online, Anonymous may be a gift of friendship we cannot readily dismiss. 

While it is unlikely there will ever exist any overt cooperation between the Internet group and forces seeking to dislodge ISIS barbarians by force on the ground, if the West and associated nations endeavoring to subdue ISIS are able to realize their ambitious plans of ending ISIS inhumanity, making common cause with Anonymous is an attractive proposal.

The campaign initiated by Anonymous grants valuable insight into the character of their leadership and members:  Anonymous is equally disgusted by the macabre scene in Paris.

By a stable, maintainable standard of tools and tactics designed to wreak havoc on ISIS’ messages online and through Twitter, Anonymous can contribute to sundering ISIS’ recruitment ability and halt the terror group’s corrupt missives.

Notwithstanding our own capable Internet masters, equally practiced in the art of Internet warfare, Anonymous can serve an invaluable purpose.

We have reached a nadir in Paris; Anonymous should not be discouraged.


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