Jihadi John presumed killed in drone attack

Mohammed Emwazi, known pejoratively to the world as “Jihadi John” is believed to have been killed on Thursday evening in a joint British-U.S. drone attack near al-Raqqah, Iraq.

Although Emwazi’s death is unconfirmed, both American and British intelligence sources were confident enough in the success of Thursday’s drone strike to declare it “reasonably sure” Emwazi and at least one other man were killed by Hellfire missiles delivered from American and British MQ-9 drones.

“It’s still a little early, but we are reasonably certain that we killed the target that we intended to kill, which is Jihadi John,” said Colonel Steve Warren, Army spokesperson in Baghdad.

Fox News reported an unnamed senior U.S. military source said it was “99 percent sure we got him.”

The Islamic State (ISIS) acknowledged a drone strike had killed several “brothers,” but declined to release details or the names of those killed.

According to Rami Abdulrahman, director with Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a car occupied by four ISIS personnel including one Briton was struck, killing all four occupants.

Abdulrahman cited sources familiar with the strike as saying Emwazi’s body had been “blown apart.”

Known for his aggressive speeches vilifying the West, making imperious boasts, announcing apocalyptic visions for Westerners who dare interfere in the region, all pastimes of which he never appeared to tire, in ISIS videos prior to executing Western hostages, Emwazi represented the bearing and tone of ISIS.

Emwazi was elevated to the world stage in a 2014 video lashing out at the West just prior to the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

Following Foley’s death, Emwazi assumed the role of narrator on videotaped messages the terror group released to the West broadcasting the beheadings of Western captives in ISIS hands.

Steven Sotloff, a journalist with Time magazine; David Haines, an English aid worker; and Alan Henning, an English humanitarian aid volunteer, all died as Emwazi lorded over their final moments.

All four men were non-combatants, and their deaths should never be forgiven or forgotten.

Ultimately, Mr. Emwazi met his macabre end similar to the scenes he presided over when innocents were beheaded.

Mohammed Emwazi:  R.I.P in Hell.


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