Navy to perform ballistic missile tests over Pacific this week

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) announced Friday that all incoming flights for the next week would have to be diverted inland to the east, as undisclosed military operations are scheduled to be performed west of the airport, over the Pacific ocean.

The Federal Aviation Administration had informed LAX of the general plan, but gave no specifics other than that airspace off the L.A. coast would be off-limits to low-altitude flights until Thursday.

Over the weekend however, a number of Southern Californians captured video of a mysterious white-light in the night sky.



To dispel fears of an alien invasion or meteor orbit, the Navy later announced that their Strategic Systems Programs department was in the midst of testing Trident II (D5) ballistic missiles – launched from submarines, and used primarily as a nuclear defense weapon.

The remaining tests scheduled for this week have not been announced as to a specific time or location, as Russian or Chinese naval forces in the Pacific could use data gleaned from observing the tests in real-time to exploit potential vulnerabilities, according to Loren Thompson, a military analyst with the Lexington Institute – a public policy think-tank in Arlington, VA.


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