Boris Johnson indicates he may lead Brexit crusade

Offering clues to a role he may play leading the United Kingdom’s (UK) departure from the European Union (EU), London Mayor Boris Johnson said he would prefer to wait and see how negotiations proceed prior to lending his support or eventually leading the so-called Brexit effort.

In a radio interview with Leading Britain’s Conversation (LBC) radio, Johnson claimed the UK would have an “attractive” future if the island nation withdrew from Europe’s economic bloc.

Although he remained coy about his future with Brexit, it is, however, telling what Johnson did not say:  When queried about his deeper association with the Brexit campaign, Johnson, opened with levity but immediately emphasized the need for a healthy mix of voices to contribute to the debate:

“I think it would be absolutely fatal for any campaign if it were to be led by me, frankly.”

 “I think actually the best thing for the campaign for both staying in and for getting out of the EU would be if [the debate] was not dominated by political voices but you had serious business people on either side, lining up to make their points of view.”

 “People hear an awful lot from people like me. I will see what happens with the negotiations and I’m obviously a massive supporter of what the prime minister is trying to do.  I think that the penalties for getting out of the EU now are lower than they’ve been for a very long time. There is an attractive alternative future, we should be thinking about it. In an ideal world, I would want to stay in a reformed EU, but let’s get that reform.

London’s unconventional and quirky mayor, who is known for his bustling exuberance and enjoys widespread support, also issued a challenge to Prime Minister David Cameron:  Using the contentious immigration subject as leverage, Johnson intimated he would publicly support Brexit if no changes were offered on immigration controls.

Mr. Johnson and House Speaker Paul Ryan have much in common:  Both experienced courtship for positions neither genuinely aspired to, but Ryan accepted the call.

Perhaps Johnson’s future holds a leadership position with Brexit.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy Sunday Times]