GOP moves to topple IRS Chief

House Republicans have introduced a resolution to impeach John Koskinen, the IRS Chief.

The resolution claims that Koskinen lied under oath and failed to comply with a subpoena for evidence. The motion was introduced by Jason Chaffettz (R-UT), the Head of the House Oversight Committee.

House Republicans previously wrote a letter to President Obama calling for the removal of the IRS Commissioner, which was ignored and that led to this latest move.

Republicans claim that the IRS was targeting conservative political groups to support the Obama Administration.

“In my reading of the factual information presented in the report, there was systematic suppression of the free speech rights of these organizations, which is sadly ongoing,” said Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS). “The end result has been a grave reduction in the taxpaying public’s faith in the agency – This is a horrible situation, compounded by the agency’s half-heartedly efforts to locate and preserve records relevant to this situation.”

The cries of conservative persecution by the Obama administration are of course untrue. For more than a year we have known that the IRS targeted both liberal and conservative political organizations to ensure that they were not taking advantage of their special tax statuses.

The Senate Subcommittee on Investigations explained the scandal in September 2014.

“A review of nearly 800,000 pages of documents and the conduct of nearly two dozen IRS and TIGTA employee interviews produced no evidence of political bias by the IRS against conservative groups that filed 501(c)(4) [tax-exempt] applications,” a report produced by the committee explained. “A finding which is consistent with TIGTA’s June 2014 letter stating that the TIGTA audit ‘found no evidence of political bias.”

The real abuse of American tax dollars are the armies of straw men and witch hunts and pointless crusades of the House of Representatives.


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