Republicans will move to block the Clean Power Plan

House Republicans are hoping to block President Obama’s Clean Power Plan which would cut greenhouse emissions from American power plants.

Representative Ed Whitfield (R-K.Y.) filed a resolution to review and eventually block the President’s executive orders that would demand a reduction of emissions from coal fired plants.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-K.Y.) will likely back the motion.

Coal is an important industry in Whitfield and McConnell’s home state of Kentucky.

“These are Kentuckians who just want to work, provide for their families and deliver the type of low-cost energy that attracts more jobs to Kentucky. And coal is what allows so many of them do all that,” McConnel said.

The Clean Power Plan is being challenged through the use of Congressional Review, which allows the legislature to overturn an executive action by simple majority vote. These votes are subject to presidential veto, and are therefore rarely successful.

The United States is the second largest carbon emitter in the world. We have known for a long time and 97 percent of scientists agree that carbon in the atmosphere is directly related to global warming.

September was the hottest September ever on record with 2015 on track to being the hottest ever.

Global warming will lead to more extreme weather events like the record flooding in Texas this past week and South Carolina.


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