Joe Biden is not running

The Vice President has ended months of speculation. In an announcement on Wednesday the world learned that Joe Biden is not running for the Democratic nomination for President.

Surrounded by his wife, Jill Biden, and President Barack Obama at the White House Rose Garden, Biden said that the window “has closed” and that we’re “out of time,” explaining that he and his family are still grieving after the tragic death of his son Beau.

While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent,” Biden said. “I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as I can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation.

In the speech, Biden also touched on “divisive partisan politics” and committing to “16 years of free public education for our children.”

In a written statement, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton praised Biden’s “unyielding faith in America’s promise” and said she expects he would “always be on the front lines, always fighting for all of us.”

On Twitter, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said that he’s thankful for Biden’s “continued service to the nation and his support of the middle class” and commends his outlining of an agenda to making college free, fighting economic inequality and closing tax loopholes.


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