Liberals topple Conservatives in Canadian Election

Our neighbors to the north have elected a new government as the center-left Liberals topple the right-wing Conservatives in a landslide in the Canadian Election. With 184 seats in Parliament, the Liberals will form a majority government.

“Canadians have chosen change, real change,” said Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau. “Canadians are tired of being cynical.”

Trudeau credited his election victory, not only to his policy positions, but also to not going negative in his campaign and “sunnywaves“.

“My friends, we beat fear with hope. We beat cynicism with hard work. We beat negative, divisive politics with a positive vision that brings Canadians together,” Trudeau said.

The campaign, at 78 days, was the longest election in Canada’s modern history.

A variety of issues came out on the campaign, and the new Prime Minister made a range of promises, but in the end it seems like most voters simply sought to unseat the ruling Conservatives from power.

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper had formed three consecutive governments over the course of nearly a decade. Canadians seemed to be worn thin by the former Prime Minsiter’s warnings and fear mongering around ISIS, higher taxes, immigrants and the poor economic performance seen under his stewardship.

“The Conservatives ran a bad, negative campaign based on fear and it was time for a change,” said one Edmonton native.

The new Prime Minister has several major promises he is now expected to keep, including lowering taxes on the middle-class, legalizing marijuana, and reforming the electoral system itself.

In the final tally, the Liberals hold 184 seats in parliament, The Conservatives have 99, the NDP 44, the Bloc Quebecoise 10, and the Greens 1.


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