Ex-senators back moderates with new super PAC

Numerous former senators are planning to form a national group that will “elect more moderate Democrats and Republicans to force more compromise in Congress,” according to USA Today‘s Deborah Barfield Berry.

Former Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu told reporters that the decreasing amount of centrist politicians in both parties has negatively impacted the effectiveness of the legislative process.

Whether you’re conservative or liberal you’ve got to move forward,” Landrieu said. “You’ve got to solve problems and make decisions that are balanced. The word compromise is not a dirty word. It’s an essential component of this democracy.”

Landrieu, the founder of “Hold the Center,” a political action committee that plans to raise money for various moderate candidates, has met with former senators including Mark Beglich, (D-AK), to discuss combining resources for an additional super PAC with the same goal.

According to OpenSecrets, Landrieu’s PAC had $41,581 cash on hand as of June 30, 2015.

Political Action Committees can raise unlimited amounts of money and don’t have to disclose their donors’ information.

Joshua Stockley, a political scientist at the University of Louisiana at Monroe said that Senate candidates need at least $10 million to be competitive.


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