Iran reaches verdict in case of Jason Rezaian

UPDATE: Jason Rezaian has indeed been convicted by the Iranian government of espionage and related charges. He has 20 days to appeal.

Iran announced on Sunday that they have reached a verdict in the case of Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter accused of espionage. They did not disclose what the verdict is.

“The ruling on this case has been issued,” said Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei and Iranian judiciary spokesman. “There is still the possibility of this ruling being appealed, and it is not final.”

Rezaian was The Washington Post correspondent in Iran and his closed-door trial ended two months ago. No explanation has ever been given for the delay between the end of the trial and the announcement of the verdict.

Martin Baron, the Executive Editor of The Washington Post released a scathing statement of the Iranian proceedings and defended Rezaian saying that he was not a spy, he is a journalist and nothing more.

“The process has been anything but transparent and just, and that pattern persists. The only thing that is clear is Jason’s innocence,” Baron said. “His arrest, imprisonment, and now this sham trial contradict every standard required for the fair administration of justice, and they violate international law, Iran’s own laws, and fundamental human decency.”

Rezaian has 20 days to appeal the verdict, whatever it may be.

The Iranian government has hinted in recent months that Rezaian might be a candidate for a prisoner swap, although it is unclear who, or what, the Iranians would want in exchange.

Jason Rezaian has spent more than 400 days in prison. Rezaian holds dual American and Iranian citizenship, but that is a status that Iran does not recognize, so in their eyes he is a full Iranian citizen.


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