Paul Ryan pressured to run for House Speaker

Rep. Paul Ryan is reportedly “weighing” his options to become the next Speaker of the House, according to House Republicans.

Following Kevin McCarthy’s surprising withdrawal Thursday, Ryan has been encouraged by McCarthy, current House Speaker John Boehner, 2012 republican candidate Mitt Romney, and various other Representatives to run.

“Paul’s looking at it but it’s his decision,” McCarthy told CNN. “If he decides to do it, he’ll be an amazing speaker but he’s got to decide on his own.”

Ryan, the chairman of the House Way and Means Committee since 2011 and Romney’s 2012 vice presidential running mate, is said to have his eyes set on the White House, and doesn’t want his reputation tainted by a House speakership.

In September, Ryan also said that becoming Speaker means he would “be on the road about a hundred days a year,” far too much time away from his wife and three school-aged children.


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