Oktoberfest “doubles” as worldwide gathering of spies

First set aside to celebrate the nuptials of King Ludwig I’s marriage to Princess Therese in 1810, Oktoberfest, Germany’s celebrated yearly festival to promote German culture, has emerged to rival Royal Ascot as the single, largest social event in Europe attracting hundreds of thousands to Munich from Germany and its European neighbors.

Unknown until recently, Oktoberfest lures agents from intelligence-gathering organizations worldwide to imbibe local brews at the German government’s expense.

According to the Washington Post, revelations that intelligence operatives socialize among Oktoberfest’s revelers drew the interest of Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, which sent an ace journalist to locate foreign agents.

Despite their best effort, Sueddeutsche Zeitung’s journalist was unable to uncover a single snoop.

Unlike their Secret Service counterparts, a lecherous lot and some of whom have been revealed to engage in naughty habits with local fille de joies when traveling abroad, at least American spies can avoid betraying their identities when incoherent among big crowds flush with German beer.

How visiting Oktoberfest aligns with professional cloak-and-dagger priorities remains a mystery; however, at least the German government is bearing the cost.


[Washington Post] [Photo courtesy Ibtimes.com]