Draft Biden quietly building political apparatus

Sources close to the Draft Biden Super PAC have revealed to Reuters the group is actively establishing a limited foundation for the vice president to enter the 2016 presidential race by hiring paid staffers in 11 states crucial to the March 2016 “Super Tuesday” primaries.

The additional hires in the 11 states join existing political structures in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, all early primary states.

Political advisor to Draft Biden, Josh Alcorn, stated:

“Draft Biden doesn’t have a firm number for how many staff in total it will hire in those states, but the recruitment process is under way.”

Alcorn also said:  “Draft Biden is also adding paid staff in Florida.”

When asked about the Draft Biden plans, one unnamed Clinton strategist revealed:  “I’m not sure they understand just how far behind they really are.

What was once a fanciful notion may very well be realized before long.

Over the past several months, the vice president has met privately with Elizabeth Warren, held another private meeting in New York with Democratic power-broker and Wall Street insider Robert Wolf and has been front and center an numerous political events.  All signal a run for the Oval Office.

Unlike his potential counterpart, Hillary Clinton, Biden excels at retail politics and is engaging in public.  Unlike his other probable primary candidate, Bernie Sanders, Biden is a political moderate.

Biden has also acquitted himself as better suited for governance:  For Mr. Obama’s two terms, Biden has effectively liaised with Congress to settle the most hostile disputes with the White House.

Obstacles remain for Biden, but they are not insurmountable:  Creating an extended fundraising network and expanding the existing political organization will remain a challenge.  If Biden does enter the race, he may find success in tapping into some donor money which remains uncommitted due in large part to hesitance to embrace Hillary Clinton.  Further, with his late arrival he may have to fight in court to get his name on the ballot in all fifty states

It is likely Biden will run, and his announcement may follow the first Democratic debates set for October 13 in Las Vegas.

The pertinent questions remains:  How will Biden manage drawing Hillary Clinton’s ire and the foul, cruel and bad-tempered gutter politics the Clintons practice?


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images via CNN]