Bill to avert government shutdown advances in Congress

GOP leaders in both chambers of Congress are deliberating bills which will prevent the government from shutting down on October first.

At stake is funding for Planned Parenthood.  Senate Democrats thwarted a GOP attempt to strip the nation’s leading abortion provider of funding in an extension bill on Tuesday.

Emerging to be a wedge issue, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner are working on similar bills; Boehner met privately with House conservatives on Thursday who object to funding the abortion group.

Neither Boehner nor the GOP legislators commented on the outcome of the meeting.

The White House has threatened to veto any bill which does not include funding for Planned Parenthood.

It is unlikely this will turn into a nasty public battle.

The GOP is hoping to avoid taking the blame for another government shutdown. The entire country got a taste of mayhem from the October 2013 shutdown where over 800,000 federal employees were furloughed and an additional one million continued work with delayed pay.

Already an uphill struggle, by refusing to note how the looming shutdown imperils the GOP, conservatives will absorb all the condemnation should the bill funding the government through December not pass.

While pickpocketing Planned Parenthood of $500 million in tax dollars is a noble venture, a diligent application of leadership at the moment would be to tame the natures of the conservatives venting their outrage and keep the government humming along.

While it remains a legitimate concern of conservatives that tax dollars are funding abortions and involved in the sale of fetal tissue, the GOP will suffer irreparable damage should spending bills not pass.

The broiling climax should come at elections, not a government shutdown.


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