Veterans group ad calls on drone operators to refuse orders

The Air Force Times, a weekly newspaper read by current and former Air Force personnel, is hosting advertisement space to appeal to servicemen operating weaponized drones to disobey orders from superiors.

The advertisement campaign is funded by KnowDrones, a group whose aim is to eliminate the use of drone attack missions.

Funded in part by private donations from veterans, current members of the military and from GoFundMe, the advertisements cost $5,000 a week to be printed.

What this ad is trying to do is to say: ‘look at this now, understand the consequences and follow your conscience and do the right thing.’ Given the fact that the president and Congress won’t act to stop this, we’re appealing directly to the people who are being ordered to do the killing, and who have to bear the weight of this on their conscience to put a stop to it,” KnowDrones coordinator Nick Mottern told RT.

Mottern, a navy veteran and current director of, has also expressed a concern for the psychological effects drones have on its operators, specifically drone operators do not have a grasp on the impact of their actions when operating the weapon platform.

Mottern stated: “I know people who suffer from PTSD because of these experiences.”

The military does accommodate those who face a crisis of conscience when serving in combat roles on the ground or on a base in front of a computer. Personnel who declare such conflicts are typically placed in a non-combat role.

The advertisement was supported by Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace and Code Pink.

While few define anti-war group as insufficiently principled, and KnowDrones is within their rights to purchase advertisement space in any periodical willing to print their appeal, this effort could chip away at morale and may cause a small eruption within their targeted audience.

Those properly vetted for the special service of operating drones are immune from the kind of campaign launched by KnowDrones.


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