House rejects White House’s Iran nuclear deal

On Friday, in an emblematic vote, the U.S. House of Representatives voted down a resolution supporting the Obama Administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

In a vote of 269-162, 25 Democrats joined the GOP and voted down the measure.  No Republican member of the House voted in favor.

This deal is far worse than anything I could have imagined,” stated House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), when expounding on the pact with Iran in a House speech.  On Thursday, in anticipation of the vote, Boehner did not rule out a lawsuit over the pact’s side deals, stating it was “very possible.”

The House immediately passed a measure which will prevent the White House from lifting, waiving or reducing sanctions imposed on Iran.  The second measure, which passed 247-186, will expire on Jan 21, 2016, after Mr. Obama leaves office.

The White House brushed off the value of Friday’s House vote.

“Like many decisions that are made on Tuesday night at Tortilla Coast, they seem like a great idea after a couple of margaritas,” spokesman Josh Earnest said, referring to a Capitol Hill restaurant popular with conservatives. “But when faced with the scrutiny of the light of day, they don’t seem quite as realistic. We obviously feel quite confident in our ability to move forward with the rest of the international community to implement this agreement.”

The Senate does not plan on taking up the House bill.

Although little can stop this pact from being applied, one could reliably hypothesize Mr. Obama would use yet another Executive Action to obtain to prevent its implementation.


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