White House secures enough votes in the Senate for Iran Deal

Iran Deal

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer strongly opposes the Iran Deal.

With four more Democratic Senators announcing on Tuesday that they would back the Iran Deal, passage of the measure is assured.

The support of Senators Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Maria Cantwell of Washington, Gary Peters of Michigan and Ron Wyden of Oregon means that the Republicans will fall short of the magic number of 60 senators needed to pass a resolution blocking the accord.

“This agreement with the duplicitous and untrustworthy Iranian regime falls short of what I had envisioned. However, I have decided the alternatives are even more dangerous,” Wyden said in a statement explaining his support.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R.-K.Y.) took to the senate floor to condemn the Democrats maneuvering which will ensure that the bill cannot be blocked.

“The Senate should not hide behind procedure,” McConnell said. “The American people were led to believe that negotiations with Iran would be about stopping its nuclear program, but that’s not what the deal before us would do.”

On Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed support for the Iran Deal saying that “blocks every pathway for Iran to get a bomb.”

She tempered her comments by saying that even though Iran is not trustworthy in her eyes, that the deal is better than nothing. “Distrust but verify,” the former Secretary of State said.

“I don’t see Iran as our partner in implementing the agreement,” she said. “I see Iran as our subject in implementing the agreement.”

Clinton went on to say that if she becomes Commander-in-Chief, she would keep the military option on the table.

““I will not hesitate to take military action if Iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon,” she said.

Also on Wednesday, two Republican presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, went to Capitol Hill to speak to an Anti-Iran Deal demonstration.


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