Palestinians maneuver to raise flag at United Nations

In a bid to build support for eventual full membership in the United Nations (UN), the Palestinian observer mission to the UN has called on member states to back the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) effort to elevate the Palestinian flag at the UN headquarter building in New York.

As a non-member observer state, Palestine’s flag does not rest among the remaining 193-member states.

“We … respectfully appeal to the member states of the General Assembly to support the draft resolution on the raising of the flags of the non-member observer states,” the Palestinian mission’s statement said.

Palestine has attempted to obtain full membership in the recent past; however their efforts have been met with resistance from both the United States and Israel. Palestine was granted de-facto recognition by the UN in 2012.

Palestine drafted the flag proposal in late August, wording the resolution to include the Vatican as a co-sponsor.  The Vatican immediately demanded the Palestinian Authority remove all language referring to the Holy See as a collaborator in the effort to include the flags of non-member states to the UN.

Palestine’s motion immediately drew a sharp rebuke from Israel’s representative to the UN, Ron Prosor, who defined the Palestinian Authority’s attempt to raise the PA flag as “another cynical misuse of the UN by the Palestinian Authority.”

An Israeli Foreign Ministry official dismissed the resolution as a “cheap and unnecessary gimmick” last week.

Similarly, the State Department described the Palestinian motion as “counterproductive.”

The UN is expected to vote on the resolution September 15.


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