Trump and Bush family have had a long complicated relationship

The Washington Post published a story on Thursday detailing the long complicated relationship between Donald Trump and the Bush family. According to some locals connected to state politics, Trump has been against Jeb Bush for a long time and has never missed the opportunity to voice his dislike.

“He was trashing Jeb and, quite honestly, I don’t think he’s ever held Jeb in high regard,” said Crisafulli, a Bush supporter who said he was “uncomfortable” with the conversation and defended the former Florida governor to Trump. “I’ve met with Mr. Trump on several occasions, and he’s constantly had things to say about Jeb. . . . He’s always had a negative connotation about Jeb.”

While Trump professes to having held patriarch George H. W. Bush in high regard prior to his reversal on his promise to not raise taxes, it was a feeling that may have only rarely been reciprocated.

At the core, there are clashes of style, manner and class between the Bushes — a patrician clan of presidents, governors and financiers who have pulled the levers of power for generations — and Trump, a hustling New York City deal-maker who turned his father’s outer-borough real estate portfolio into a gold-plated empire.

“The Bushes were never Trump’s cup of tea,” said Roger Stone, a longtime confidant and former adviser to Trump. Asked why the Bushes often have kept Trump at arm’s length, he said: “He’s not from old, WASP money. The Trumps didn’t come on the Mayflower.”

On the other hand Trump hosted a fundraiser in 1997 for Jeb Bush’s candidacy for governor of Florida at the request of his father, an event that by all accounts was quite successful.

“I had a fundraiser and raised about $1 million, which in those days was a lot of money,” Trump said. “In fact, I remember [Jeb Bush] saying, ‘It was the most successful fundraiser I’ve ever had.’ ”

Trump said George H.W. Bush wrote him “a beautiful note thanking me for helping with his son.”

Nevertheless, Trump’s swipes at the elder Bush continued and extended onto the pages of his 2000 book, “The America We Deserve.” In it, he said the 41st president “failed to comprehend that he was in the bubble created by the American presidency and simply lost touch.”

In that same book, Trump praised Jeb Bush as a “good man” who is “exactly the kind of political leader this country needs now and will very much need in the future. . . . I believe we could get another president from the Bushes.”

As for Trump’s relationship with George W. Bush, Trump had considered a run against Bush and Gore in 2000 on the Reform Party ticket, and sniped at Bush in the run up to the election. Later he would be a steady critic of Bush policies and said Bush was “a horrible president — possibly the worst in the history of this country.”


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  1. Nannette Balsam Morgan

    Donald is strictly for Donald and no one else, yes, he held a fundraiser for Jeb Bush. I’m sure he thought he’d bought him for all eternity by so doing, everything Donald says and does is so egocentric. I’m am so dismayed by the naivety of the comments I read in his favor, ANYONE would be a better President than him. Give him enough rope and he will hang himself soon enough. The Bush family is a class act all the way around, but as Jeb s Mother pointed out, there have been enough Bush presidents, however, if it came down to Bush or Donald, I would definitely vote for Bush. If Donald got in there, it could me the annihilation of this world because of his hasty temperament. And I really do not want to be lied to by another un-Godly man for 4-8 more years, and that’s what we’d get. It’s so easy to see. #WakeUpAmerica!

  2. Gretchen

    I don’t think much of the Donald as candidate, but what freaks me out are the large number of people who think someone with his experience could run a country. He knows about business negotiation, but he’s a gambler and has gone bankrupt four times. No one thinks that it is good business to go bankrupt even once! No one!! Much less four times. He screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money; I just hope they’re rich like him and could afford to lose it, but that’s probably not the case for all of them. I just have to believe that my fellow Americans won’t really go through with actually voting for him. If they do, we deserve him. 🙁

    1. Cory

      What are you talking about, he used BK to restructure those companies so they would not fail. He never filed for personal BK. Not one politician in the last 20 years has helped this country. It is time to have someone that knows how to run a business and make it profitable, to make this country great again. It takes all family members in a household in todays world, just to survive. The cost of living is high and the wages are low.

  3. Frank Trades

    No doubt Trump has made enemies in his rise to billionaire status. It looks to me like there are some comments from then here. The point now is, do you want this high-achiever, this strong and forceful son of capitalism working for you? The alternatives pale in response. This sort if election is not an opinion poll. It’s a choice between specific persons. The biases like those expressed in comments above are notwithstanding.

  4. Sammy

    The entire Republican party wants to scr*w the American worker out of their social security check by calling something they paid into for their entire working lives an “entitlement.” I’m supposed to vote for one of them? DT said he believes in preserving social security. I’d rather take a chance with him than any of the other Republican candidates.

  5. Nannette Morgan

    People MUST watch the YouTube Documentary ‘Trump: What’s The Deal?’ He’s had it legally tied up since it was made in the late 1970s. But it is a great way to learn what type of business man Donald really is.



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