Joe Biden receives blessing from President Obama to run

Hillary Clinton’s flagging campaign for the Democratic nomination has taken another hit Tuesday as it was reported that President Obama had given Vice-President Joe Biden his blessing to run for president. While this is a bit of a ceremonial thing–Biden certainly could have chosen to run with or without permission from Obama–it serves to indicate that party expectations for Clinton have probably dwindled to a new low.

Clinton’s campaign continues to be dogged by the Chinese water torture of revelations regarding her use of a secret private server during her time as Secretary of State. While she maintains that she did nothing wrong, the FBI continues to investigate and have not explicitly cleared her of any or all wrongdoing.

Biden’s flirtation comes as a Rasmussen poll released Tuesday indicated 46% of likely voters thought Clinton should suspend her campaign until all legal questions surrounding her server use have been resolved.

A large, influential group of Biden loyalists, party functionaries, and donors have been invited to a meeting at Biden’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory in the week following Labor Day to assess his chances and plan out the next steps.

“The network is starting to reach out,” said one major Obama fundraiser, who requested anonymity to discuss private conversations. “I’m getting calls from people saying, ‘We’re waiting for him to announce.’ People are nervous and weary of the Hillary side show, of the emails.”

Still, while there is deep affection and admiration for Biden, donors said many remain skeptical whether the 72-year-old vice president could mount the kind of operation needed to take on Clinton and then win a general election contest.

Biden has twice ran for President, in 1988 and 2008, and had a long career in the Senate, building relationships that have often bailed out Obama initiatives that ran into problems with legislators. The recent tragic death of his war-hero son Beau may be the biggest motivation and rallying point for his probable run.

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