Cash-strapped, Rick Perry loses his Iowa co-chair

Former Texas Governor and 2016 Presidential hopeful Rick Perry hit a roadblock Monday when the chair of his Iowa campaign quit. Sam Clovis was in charge of the key primary state of Iowa, but decided it was time to step away.

One of the contributing factors for Clovis’ departure was the lack of campaign cash coming in for the Perry campaign, but not the only factor Clovis told the AP. Since early this month Perry staffers started working as unpaid volunteers. According to the Houston Chronicle some recent donations to the campaign have allowed Perry to start paying some staffers again.

Perry says he has no intentions to halt his campaign, and still thinks he has a shot at the GOP nomination.

“This is a long race. This is a marathon. This isn’t a sprint. There’s a lot of time left. There are a lot of debates. There’s a lot of work to be done,” he told host Hugh Hewitt in a radio interview.

Iowa is seen as a critical state for all of the GOP candidates, so losing Clovis is quite the blow to Perry’s chances. Clovis was a local radio personality and a 20114 Senate hopeful who was central to pushing the campaign in his native area.

“I’m convinced that Gov. Perry has the skills, he’s selfless, he’s decisive and he’s courageous. I’m a fighter pilot and I would fly his wing through the gates of hell. I mean that from the bottom of my heart,” Clovis told The Washington Post when he joined Perry’s campaign.

Apparently Clovis is more of a mercenary pilot who has no desire to fly through hell for free.


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