Macedonia declares state of emergency

In hopes of stemming the flow of migrants pouring over its southern border with Greece, Macedonia has declared a state of emergency.

“We cannot hermetically close the borders,” interior ministry spokesman Ivo Kotevski told Reuters. But “we will try to reduce illegal border entry to a minimum.”

Macedonia has said that its borders will remain opened, but will try to reduce illegal crossings to a minimum.

The Madedonian town of Gevgelija is seeing between 1, 500  to 2, 000 migrant crossings a day.

That flow is not likely to ease any time soon. This week 2, 400 Syrian refugees entered Greece with plans of migrating to greener pastures throughout the EU.

In July, more than 50, 000 migrants entered Europe from the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.

These migrants are trying to escape war, famine, poverty and genocide in their home countries.

Germany and France for their part are pushing the rest of the EU to come up with a uniform approach to the migrant crisis.

Germany is particularly anxious to come up with a response to this unprecedented crisis.

“It’s unacceptable for European institutions to continue working at the pace they are currently operating at,” said German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

De Maiziere has said that Germany is expecting to receive more than 800, 000 migrant refugees in 2015.

Hungary however, seems to be backing the “Donald Trump approach” to immigration and has begun building a fence along its border with Serbia.

The Hungarian fence is four meters high and nearly 100 kilometers long.

Hungary hopes that their fence will stem the tide of refugees entering their country.

Hungary has received 100, 000 migrants so far this year.


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