Spying Dolphin captured by Hamas frogmen

In a story that would have easily been at home in the Disney pitch room, instead comes out of Palestine Thursday with Hamas claiming it captured an Israeli spying dolphin. According to the group the dolphin was equipped with “spying” devices.

The Palestinian daily al-Quds quoted sources inside the Gaza Strip reporting that Hamas commandos noticed a dolphin making “suspicious movements” which they later captured.

The Jerusalem Post reported dolphin was equipped underwater monitoring devices.

Hamas frogmen that captured the dolphin claim they found a remote control monitoring device and a camera that can fire small arrows that could easily wound or kill a diver crossing it’s path. While it does sound like a children’s cartoon, this claim is not entirely without merit.

Five years ago Egyptian authorities accused Israel of sending sharks to attack tourists off the Sinai beaches to harm Egypt’s tourism industry, and two years later Sudan reported it had caught another Mossad spy — an eagle that had been tagged in Israel,” Haaretz notes.

Israel is not alone in having an aquatic animal detachment either. The U.S. Navy keeps dolphins and sea lions that they use for reconnaissance. After the annexation of Crimea last year, Kiev demanded that Russia return their combat dolphins.

Neither is Hamas the only organization that has gained the attention of Israel’s animal brigade. In 2013, the Lebanese Hezbollah claimed to have captured an Israeli spying eagle, even going so far as to broadcast pictures of the identifying tags.

Iran also rushed to be a victim of the Israeli animal escapades. In 2007, they claimed to have arrested 14 squirrels as Israeli spies. The Iranian public however was not as convinced as the state department.

“I bet they were British squirrels, they are the most cunning,” one Tehran street vendor quipped in an interview with NBC News.

It is entirely possible that getting captured was the dolphin’s plan all along, and now Hamas has given it access to their secret lair.

Neither Israel nor Hamas have yet to comment on the reported story.


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