Pentagon cancels pretrial hearing for 9/11 suspects

The Defense Department announced Sunday morning that the planned, pretrial hearing for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his reputed co-conspirators scheduled to begin on August 24, has been cancelled.

Defense lawyers for Mohammed and four other defendants alleged the FBI had placed them under surveillance and summoned a security officer associated with defense lawyers to become a confidential informant in 2014.

The judge cited issues that remain unresolved with regard to a claimed defense counsel conflict of interest,” said Pentagon spokesman Commander Gary Ross.  

The judge presiding over the case, Army Colonel James Pohl, ruled in July that no conflict of interest matters relating to the case existed.

In April 2014, defense attorneys for the five accused claimed U.S. security agencies has installed listening devices in rooms where lawyers met with the accused and intelligence operatives had controlled a “kill switch” which cut power to closed-circuit feeds to trials when U.S. government-run prisons were mentioned during court proceedings.

In both incidents, Colonel Pohl ordered the intrusions to end.

No further information was given and no new date for the pretrial hearings was announced by the Pentagon.


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