Jeb Bush sees some virtues to torture

On Thursday Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush clarified his view on the U.S. using torture as a means of interrogation. If he were president he would not rule out authorizing torture in certain cases.

He also said that he was glad his brother, former President George Bush, started to end the CIA’s use of torture by the time he left office. Jeb Bush explains he does think it is mostly inappropriate, but believes it may have its uses.

During the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns the CIA was responsible for using controversial torture techniques like waterboarding, slapping, nudity, humiliation, and sleep deprivation to obtain information from detainees.

When the Senate released a report last year they found that the CIA used more brutal techniques than originally reported. The report also claims that the torture techniques failed to produce any meaningful intelligence. For their part the CIA disputes the report.

Bush believes that the techniques were able to produce good intelligence, and therefore he refuses to rule it out in the future.

“That’s why I’m not saying in every condition, under every possible scenario,” Bush said.

He does see a difference between enhanced interrogation techniques and brutal torture, but he also made it clear the protection of American lives was his top priority. Although he does want to make sure that he distances himself from the policies of his brothers presidency.

The Iraq war is a good example of how they differ on policy. Jeb Bush does not believe that the intelligence warranted an invasion. He also cites the lessons learned from the mistakes made in the occupation, especially the decision to disband the Iraq military.

Bush also sees the rise of ISIS as an immediate threat, and cites Obama’s failure to leave U.S. troops in Iraq in 2011 as a reason for the emergence of ISIS. Bush does agree with Obama’s stance against sending ground troops to fight ISIS, although Bush does see a possibility of sending special operations troops to the area.

If he does win the presidency it seems he will have a middle east crisis in common with his brother.