Rick Perry’s out of money staffers are now unpaid volunteers

As of right now Rick Perry’s campaign staff are on an unpaid internship, with the hopeful payoff being a presidential bid. His group reports that Rick Perry’s out of money at the moment, and will need to switch to the allied super PAC that is flush with money to fuel the shortcomings of his campaign fundraising.

This announcement affects his staffers at his national headquarters in Austin, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Former Texas Governor Perry is having difficulty getting support in his second presidential bid.

Campaign manager Jeff Miller informed staffers after last weeks Republican presidential debate. He let them know that they would no longer be paid, and that they were free to look for other work, at this time he reports that most aides have decided to stay with the Perry campaign.

“As the campaign moves along, tough decisions have to be made in respect to both monetary and time related resources. Governor Perry remains committed to competing in the early states and will continue to have a strong presence in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina,” Miller said.

The Perry campaign raised $1.14 million in the second quarter of this year, and as of July 15 report they have $883,913 on hand. Since the cash squeeze they have cut all non-essential spending including beginning to fly commercially with far fewer aides accompanying the former Governor.

The Opportunity and Freedom super PAC does plan to pick up the slack however, and they report having raised $17 million that could be used to fund Perry’s run.

“We’ve got plenty of money. That’s what I know. And we’re going to put that money to use in Iowa to make sure the governor is in the top three there. The super PAC is not going to let Rick Perry down,” Austin Barbour the senior super PAC advisor said.

Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate with official campaigns, so they will need to set up some of the on the ground campaign efforts that is usually handled by the official group. They do believe Perry will start to surge if he is allowed to debate on the national stage. Unfortunately, Perry failed to qualify for the main debate, and instead was featured in the Donald Trump coined “losers” debate.

Perry is hoping to follow in John McCain’s 2008 footsteps when he was cash strapped but rallied to win the GOP nomination.

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