Trump poll lead widens despite feuds and staff problems

Further burnishing the opinion that he may be unbeatable, Donald Trump’s poll lead in the Republican Presidential Primary has widened significantly in the days immediately following his controversial performance on the August 6 GOP Debate. In a poll released Monday and conducted over the weekend Trump leads his nearest competitor, Senator Ted Cruz, by 10 points, his largest margin thus far in the contest. Another poll has Trump with an even more commanding lead.

Trump’s 32 percent means he leads Bush, Carson and Walker—or Bush, Carson and Rubio, depending on which candidate tied for fourth place one considers actually in fourth—combined. His 32 percent is tied with Bush, Carson, Rubio and Walker combined.

Trump’s 32 percent is also up seven points over last week’s Morning Consult poll, which had him at 25 percent. The poll was conducted Aug. 7 through Aug. 9—Friday through Sunday—which means most of the polling was done not just after Trump’s debate performance in which he battled Fox News anchors seemingly determined to take him out but also after Friday evening comments about Kelly.

Despite widespread condemnation and calls to apologize for his remarks made about Fox News broadcaster and one of the moderators of Thursdays debate Megyn Kelly, Trump has once again doubled down on his criticism. One has to wonder if Trump himself is using the Mother Jones Trump Insult Generator. Long-time Trump critic and sparing partner Rosie O’Donnell responded to her mention in Trump’s debate appearance by tweeting:

One result of the latest round of controversy was that Trump was dumped from a planned keynote address to the Red State Conference, a convention of influential conservative activists. Kelly replaced his spot on the speaking roster, a strange move considering Kelly’s recent magazine profile in which she claimed to be an “independent”.

Another casualty of the most recent controversies: the departure of top political advisor Roger Stone, a former Nixon aide who has been described as a “dirty trickster”. While the Trump campaign initially claimed to have fired Stone, he has since disputed this by tweeting:  

Trump will continue to push his momentum across a wide variety of venues this week, including a possible appearance on Fox News morning show “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday. Hometown newspaper the New York Post has said “Trump’s haters need to man up and deal“.

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