Republican Presidential Candidate Profile: Rick Perry

The Hill Talk is giving a quick rundown of each Republican candidate in advance of the first primary debate on Thursday, August 6.

Here is our profile of former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Written by Caia Caldwell

NOTE: Perry did not make the cut for the Fox News debate tonight.

Rick PerryQuick Facts:

  • Full name:  James Richard “Rick” Perry.
  • Born in Haskell County, Texas.
  • 65 years old.

Political Experience:

  • Perry first ran and served as a conservative Democrat (yes, you read that correctly) for the Texas House of Representatives, according to ABC News.
  • Switched allegiance to the Republican party in 1989.
  • Elected state agriculture commissioner in 1990
  • Elected lieutenant governor in 1998, and finally took over the governorship after George W. Bush was elected president. He served as Texas’s governor from 2000-2015.

Positions on the issues


  • Loves Obamacare (JUST KIDDING). He wants to repeal the healthcare law and find an alternative.
  • Published an op-ed regarding Obamacare in 2014 where he said “The math gets worse heading into the new year. Starting in 2014, up to 80 million Americans might lose their employee-sponsored policies…”
  • Perry previously came under fire for the amount of uninsured Texans. Approximately 21% of Texans did not have health insurance while he was governor, which was the highest in the nation at that time. (Via Politico).


  • Has a good track record regarding job creation.
  • While governor of Texas, the state saw a massive increase in jobs.
  • During Mr. Perry’s last five years as governor, Texas led the nation in job growth. He attributed that success to his focus on keeping taxes low and slashing spending…” the New York Times reports.

Climate change


  • Illegal immigration is huge issue in a state like Texas. Perry is outspoken about the need to secure the U.S.’s borders.
  • While he was governor he activated the National Guard in Texas to try and deal with the issue.

Social issues:

  • Very conservative on social issues.
    • Abortion – would like to ban all abortions (exceptions given when the mother’s life is in danger)
    • Guns – He likes ’em. Big fan of 2nd amendment rights.

Relevant scandals:

  • Having a terrible memory. Remember that one time? Who could forget.

Who will vote for him?

Texas optometrists.


Debate Video:

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