Hillary’s emails may have exposed State Secrets

According to a new report by the U.S. Intelligence Community’s (I.C.) Inspector General (I.G.), “potentially hundreds” of emails on Hillary Clinton’s personal account, which she used while serving as Secretary of State, may have contained classified information.

The emails in question could still be housed on Clinton’s private server and/or a flash drive held by her attorney.

Both the I.C. and State Department I.G.’s said in a joint statement to Congress that there is no “criminal referral”, in regard to the findings of the report. The statement went on to point out that Clinton may have been negligent in using an insecure server.

“These emails were not retroactively classified by the State Department; rather these emails contained classified information when they were generated . . . This classified information should never have been transmitted via an unclassified personal system.”

Of only 40 Clinton emails that were screened by the Intelligence I.G. (essentially an ombudsman that oversees 17 executive agencies and offices), four were found to contain “Secret” information.

Classified material is broken down into three categories: Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential.

Clinton’s campaign disputed the I.G.’s claim that the former Secretary was remiss in not using an official State Department email address and authorized server to conduct government business.

“Any released emails deemed classified by the administration have been done so after the fact, and not at the time they were transmitted,” said Nick Merrill, a traveling spokesman for Clinton.

The Intelligence I.G. also has requested an FBI review of Secretary Clinton’s emails which were screened by the State Department for public release. The federal intelligence overseer believes that those emails, which were ordered to be made public by a federal judge, may also contain classified information.