Social media slip shakes Walker campaign

Although Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker issued a July 13 date to officially launch his bid for the White House, a technical flaw is believed to be responsible for a tweet from the governor’s account which, under the headline “Scott Walker is running for president,” read:  “Scott is in. Are you? Join our team today.”

Twitter is investigating the matter and dispatched an e-mail statement to clarify it was looking into the incident.  Twitter spokesman, Nu Wexler, said:  “We’re looking into today’s issue, and we’ve determined the Walker team was not at fault.”

Walker press secretary AshLee Strong said, “We’re happy Twitter confirmed this wasn’t Team Walker’s post and are investigating what happened,” said the e-mail.

The tweet was immediately deleted and the Walker campaign followed with tweets appealing to supporters to “stay tuned” for Walker’s announcement on Monday.

It appears as if Mr. Walker was hacked or a young campaign worker is a bit over eager.

Enjoying a bit of a boomlet, the Walker campaign has manipulated Twitter of late, turning the social-media device into a countdown clock with daily announcements to create a sense of loyalty among his supporters anticipating his July 13 declaration.

With the GOP field swelled with office seekers, it is a time of anxiousness at Team Walker.  If Walker’s Twitter account was not hacked, an overwrought campaign worker, dismissive of protocol, either gravely bungled the instructions or expects Mr. Walker to excuse their freedom.