Supporters say: get ready for Biden 2016

It looks like Joe Biden is all in for the 2016 presidential contest, or at least that is what his supporters say.

He has some major financial support with two leading fundraisers for President Obama signing on to team Biden.

Last week Jon Cooper, a top Obama bundler, agreed to chair the Draft Biden 2016 PAC, and another Obama fundraiser Shiva Sarram joined the team Wednesday.

“People I would describe as being in Biden’s inner circle are giving increasingly positive signals that VP Biden will be throwing his hat in the ring,” said Jon Cooper. “I would have not agreed to take on this role with Draft Biden unless I thought that Biden would enter the race. Nothing’s 100 percent but certainly all signals are pointed in that direction.”

The Draft Biden PAC is forging ahead on all fronts with over 100,000 signatures supporting a Biden run, and teams in all states.

Even though exact numbers won’t be released until the July 15 deadline, executive director William Pierce suggests the cash support has exceeded expectations.

Many are still cautious about a Biden run at all, especially after the recent death of his son Beau. It does seem that both of his sons, Beau and Hunter, previously encouraged their father to run.

Biden, who is 72, previously ran in 1988 and 2008, after which he signed on to be Obama’s Vice-President.

However, it may be too late for Biden at this point. Hillary Clinton is the early front-runner, with Bernie Sanders closing the gap in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Fortunately for Biden, he does seem to outperform Sanders in certain polls.

It seems that the willingness of Sarram and Cooper to work on the Biden campaign comes from their mutual desire to recapture the excitement felt during the 2008 Obama campaign.

Cooper was a hot commodity on the fundraising circuit, with both Clinton and Jim Webb courting his services before he ultimately chose to work with Biden.

“If he wasn’t going to run, he would have said it by now. And he hasn’t said that,” William Pierce, Biden’s PAC executive director said.

Pierce believes he will announce in between late July or early August, and if not by then, he may be out of the race entirely. Supporters are hoping he will be ready by their July 25 PAC rally in Wilmington, Delaware.

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