Marco Rubio raises modest, but significant, $16 million

A Super PAC supporting Marco Rubio has raised over $16 million since April. Conservative Solutions PAC announced their numbers Wednesday, ahead of the required deadline to declare campaign money.

Although this number seems to pale in comparison to Clinton’s $45 million, or Jeb Bush’s whopping $114 million, the number is still significant.

[Rubio’s] announcement Wednesday indicates that he has had more success recently attracting the deep-pocketed millionaires and billionaires who finance super PACs and other outside groups.

Some may be quick to write-off Rubio as a threat to Jeb Bush, but that is foolish. Even though Bush raised seven times the amount Rubio did, polls indicate that Rubio is quite popular among voters.

Recent polls consistently place Rubio among the top five Republican candidates in a field narrowly led by Bush, his former mentor.

Even if Rubio fails to secure the Republican nomination, he has demonstrated he has fundraising power. Perhaps there is a VP spot in store for him—Bush/Rubio, anyone?

[New York Times] [Reuters] [Image via Brian Snyder/Reuters]


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