Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign will be her “last rodeo”

During a Tuesday campaign stopover in Iowa City Hillary Clinton assailed GOP aims to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

She criticized Republicans on immigration, gun control, and urged caution on the impending nuclear deal with Iran.

She also expressed her desire to inspire young adults to ponder careers in politics through her campaign.

Clinton also dropped a bombshell:  She announced her 2016 campaign was her “last rodeo” in the political sphere.

“When people diss the government – we’re really dissing ourselves and dissing our democracy.  This is my last rodeo, and I believe that we can leave not just the country in good shape for the future, but we can get a deep bench of young people to decide that they want to go into politics,” she said.

Astonishing to some, Hillary’s rescript is welcome news to others.

Keen students of human nature are aware the Clintons are, if anything, a resilient couple, capable of sustaining political and personal hardship whether induced by their own ethical lapses or the result of unjust or irresponsible critics.

Adherents to the Clinton brand probably view this as a regrettable decision by Clinton.

For those who champion Hillary Clinton, the outlook is grim:  Clinton’s announcement means the loss of an advocate in a position to espouse for issues valued to them.

Hillary is neither the first nor the last political personality driven by ambition for power, constantly reaching for the next bar on the political ladder.  While she is not unique in this consideration, and her role in politics will be reduced should she fail in her bid for the Oval Office, she is likely to remain on the speech circuit and as a member of corporate boards.

Hillary won’t stray too far from the political orbit.