Marco Rubio blasts New York Times story

Marco Rubio is angry with the recent New York Times story which paints a pretty unflattering picture. The story details Rubio’s political relationship with Cuba, and the animosity many Cubans feel toward him.

“If Marco Rubio becomes president, we’re done for,” said Héctor Montiel, 66, offering a vigorous thumbs-down as he sat on the Havana street where Mr. Rubio’s father grew up. “He’s against Cuba in every possible way…”

Although Rubio is Cuban-American, he does not support talks between the two countries, the end of the embargo, or opening embassies.

“[Rubio] has argued for years that normalized relations with the United States would only strengthen an oppressive Cuban government that impoverishes its people, limits access to information and violates human rights,” said the article in The New York Times.

The Florida Senator quickly responded in a series of tweets.


The New York Times’ coverage is one in a string of stories portraying Rubio in a poor light. Past stories have included an expose of Rubio’s traffic violations as well as financial troubles.

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