Donald Trump surging in polls

Despite numerous recent financial setbacks, Donald Trump is surging in polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire. The firebrand republican candidate appeals to many far-right and moderate voters who are distrustful of the political class in general and who find themselves in agreement on his various stances, even if they prove to be a nightmare of ineloquence.

“I think there’s a real risk that he makes the August 6 debate look like a clown show,” Greg Valliere, the chief political strategist for the Potomac Research Group, told Business Insider. “There will be plenty of outrageous Trump sound bites on the morning news the next day.”

Trump has often flirted with the idea of running for president but only recently has he gone the full nine yards in setting an actual candidacy in motion. With a very crowded republican field Trump’s vast financial resources and large media profile will serve him well in staying above the fray of the pack.

Many, however, are counting on his attention span and support to quickly peter out:

“He obviously benefits from his celebrity, but I think more to the point, there is no question that there is a segment of the Republican electorate that is strongly anti-immigrant and there is an overlapping piece of the Republican electorate that is anti-politician,” says Geoff Garin, the president of the Democratic polling firm Hart Research. “Donald Trump appeals to those voters, and not in the most sophisticated way possible, but in the loudest way possible.”

For Trump supporters concern must be seen in his high unfavorability ratings and likelihood for more gaffes that the media will seize upon with ferocity.

One thing he has said has proven to be true; Trump is, by far, the most wealthy person to ever run for president. An off the cuff comment he recently made–that he owns a single piece of property worth more than Mitt Romney–is factually accurate.

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  1. Billy P.

    I pray for Trump to get the nomination and WIN! I like the idea of there being EVEN ONE politician who can’t be bought. Hillary has been for sale for years and all the other ones all they do is take people’s money.

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