Hillary Clinton raises a record $45 million

Hillary Clinton has raised a record $45 million for her campaign. That means that since Clinton declared her candidacy, she has raked in over $500,000 per day.

“The $45 million is nearly half the goal campaign officials, on background, discussed for the entire primary season. In theory, this means that if Clinton is the Democratic nominee she’ll be able to go back to these donors for more,” said a piece on NPR.

This amount surpasses the $41.9 million President Obama fundraised during the same period in his campaign.

According to the Clinton camp, 90 percent of the donations were in amounts of $100 or less.

“Campaigns point to large numbers of small donations as proof of grass-roots support. And in the days leading up to the end of the quarter, the Clinton campaign worked to rustle up as many small donations as possible with emails,” the NPR piece continued.

Candidates are required to report the amount of money they have raised by the middle of July. Clinton is the first candidate to release her numbers publicly.

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