Terribly graphic new Islamic State video released

Islamic State has released a new video depicting the murders of several prisoners captured in Iraq. It seems the reaction to the video of the tortured death of Jordanian pilot Lt. Moaz al-Kassabeh earlier this year has encouraged the group to become more creative in their techniques.

A new and sickening Daesh video was released on Tuesday showing the militants murdering several men by drowning them in a cage, decapitating them with explosives and firing a rocket-propelled grenade into a car.

In total the video documents the deaths of 16 captives. As is typical, the IS members who are filmed are masked.

Unfortunately this episode will only be added to the long list of war crimes and atrocities that IS has carried out, both known and unknown, and the likelihood the individual perpetrators will be punished is almost nonexistent.

IS has not been able to prove that their “state” amounts to anything but a roving death cult. Attempts to provide basic services in captured territories have been largely unsuccessful.

The U.S. led coalition that has been fighting IS are in the midst of training a revamped Iraqi army in the hopes of soon launching a counter offensive in the Sunni-majority areas just west of Baghdad currently under IS control.

The Syrian civil war which spawned IS rages on and if sanctions on Iran are ultimately lifted the regime of Basher al-Assad could become reinvigorated by increased Iranian support.

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