Fox News, Sarah Palin part ways

A Fox News’ spokesman has confirmed the network’s contract with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will not be renewed.  According to the Fox source, the network and Palin parted “amicably” on the first of June.

Palin experienced a meteoric rise in popularity after being selected to be John McCain’s running mate in 2008 and was known for her candor. Frequently lampooned for her lifestyle and jargon, one which reflected an “outdoorswoman” persona, Palin remained on the national scene after both the 2008 election and her resignation as Alaska’s governor to campaign for GOP candidates.

Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame.

Palin is not the first contributor unloaded by a cable network.  For detractors, Palin is nothing short of a punch line:  The public tuned her out and turned her off.  Her words were like white noise and she was dismissed as a frightful playactress.

Palin’s supporters, and there are many, refused to allow her to be condemned without being heard.  To her flock of admirers, Palin is a remarkably successful woman who endured the fury of nasty partisan attacks and frequent intrusions into her private life.

Palin will continue to appear as a guest on Fox News, Fox Business and innumerable other network and cable television programs and she remains in demand as a paid speaker.