Taliban members attack Afghan parliament

A Taliban suicide bomber and six gunmen assaulted the Afghan Parliament building on Monday.

The legislative body was deliberating a new defense minister and all lawmakers inside the parliament building were uninjured.

The car blast outside killed one woman and injured 30 others.  In addition to the death of the bomber, all six other terrorist attackers were killed by Afghan security.

Ebadullah Karimi, the Kabul police spokesman, said one Taliban fighter driving a car detonated a bomb outside parliament gates and six others took up positions near the building. Afghan forces killed six of them and all lawmakers were safe, he said according to Reuters.

Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman, claimed responsibility for the deed.

We have launched an attack on parliament as there was an important gathering to introduce the country’s defense minister,” he said in a statement.

Farhad Sediqi, one of the surviving lawmakers, was swift in his criticism of Afghan Security Forces for failing to detect the attack.

“It shows a big failure in the intelligence and security departments of the government,” said Sediqi.

Although the attackers were unable to breach the security of the parliament building itself, an investigation is planned to determine how this attack occurred.

Since the withdrawal of foreign troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan, violence has soared and the loss of two provinces, Kunduz and Dasht-e-Archi, with one further, Chardara, threatened by a Taliban offensive, is not encouraging news.

Despite the unpopularity of the War on Terror, the Obama White House’s decisive repudiation of previous policy by withdrawing troops too rapidly, is in part responsible for the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, leaves the mark of sclerosis.