Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson rebukes Hillary Clinton on Facebook

In a sharp reprimand to Hillary Clinton’s Saturday campaign speech where Clinton condemned Russia as a “traditional threat,” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Press and Information Department director, Maria Zakharova, lashed back at the Democratic hopeful in a stinging Facebook post.

Stating Hillary Clinton has created a “new dragon in order to slay it,” Zakhrova continued to upbraid Clinton by posting:

“In order to defeat a dragon, the Democrats first needed to create it, which they have been doing successfully in recent yearsA proper election campaign required a new and worthy global enemy.  Why throw away the worn notebooks with lectures on pre-election populism, if 50-year-old PR-technologies are still working? It’s good enough, as they say,” Zakharova added. So welcome! The new ‘enemies of the American people’ – the ‘traditionally threatening’ Russia and a ‘rising’ China.”

Given the avalanche of opprobrium which rained down, it is unlikely Ms. Zakhrova and Mrs. Clinton are Facebook friends.

While this is not exactly capturing the world’s attention, it appears as if the prying eyes and wagging tongues in Russia pay close attention to the American political landscape.

While some may describe Ms. Zakhrova’s post on social media as breathtakingly inappropriate and a violation of the gentlewomanly endeavor of diplomacy, she was acting in a non-official capacity.  However, Ms. Zakhrova’s post also represents two critical points worth emphasizing:  (a) Ms. Zakhrova was likely acting with the tacit approval of the Russian Foreign Ministry; and (b) there exists, more or less, some civil liberties in Russia.

Ms. Zakhrova’s blistering rebuttal to Mrs. Clinton’s speech also suggests Hillary has forfeited support from at least one person within the Russian Foreign Ministry.

So much for “Re-set.”