It is official, Jeb Bush is running for President

After months of speculation, it was made official on Monday when it was announced that Jeb Bush is running for President on the GOP ticket.

Bush made his announcement at a rally at Miami Dade College near his Florida home.

“I will campaign as I would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word, facing the issues without flinching,” Bush said. “In any language my message will be an optimistic one because I am certain that we can make the decades just ahead in America the greatest time ever to be alive in this world,” Bush continued.

His campaign launch was shaken-up by hecklers calling for Bush to make a stand on immigration.

As Bush was introducing his mother to the crowd gathered at the rally, Bush took a moment to address the immigration issue.

“The next president will pass meaningful immigration reform so that will be resolved — not by executive order,” Bush said.

Bush is the eleventh Republican running for his party’s nomination for President.

There has been a mixed response from his fellow GOP contenders.

“He is someone I like, care for and respect,” said Florida Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio on the one hand.

Another Republican Presidential nominee, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul had a more negative view on Jeb Bush’s formal announcment that he is going to campaign for the nomination.

“Some people have had enough Bushes and enough Clintons,” Paul said.

Bush is now kicking off a fundraising tour to create an even larger war-chest to win the nomination and maybe even the presidency.

Bush’s tour will take him to 11 cities by the end of the month, including a stop in New York that will net him a potential $2 million.


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