Keith Broomfield, American fighting with Kurds, dies in Syria

The State Department confirmed Wednesday an American volunteer fighting with the Kurdish militia was killed in Syria.

Keith Broomfield was serving with the Kurdish “Lions of Rojava,” a Kurdish group attached to the Kurdish People’s Protection Group (YPG), and killed while fighting ISIS terrorists in a village 50 miles east of Kobani in northern Syria.

The State Department turned down requests for more information however, Broomfield’s mother, Donna in a phone interview from her home in Westminster, Massachusetts, confirmed Broomfield departed for Syria four months ago.

He turned his life over to the Lord and he decided this was God’s will and God wanted him to do it,” she added.

My unspoken prayers and tears for those in the Middle East were answered when he left to fight. I didn’t think I would lose himPlease pray for peace. Pray for those who are fighting and those lost. Boldly as God asks us to I pray for ISIS. This needs to end. Love you big brother,” wrote Broomfield’s sister, Jennifer, in a post on Facebook.

Broomfield is among scores of Westerners who have enlisted in the ranks of the Kurdish militia to fight ISIS.

Despite the U.S. creating alliances in the region with forces occasionally proving to be both ungrateful and ineffective in a struggle largely waged for their benefit, Mr. Broomfield appeared willing to pay the highest penalty fighting alongside the Kurds.

Whether Broomfield’s mission was driven by misguided heroics or a desire to return with a chest full of medals is of no immediate importance.  At minimum, he sought a direct response to what he interpreted as a threat and was willing to sacrifice his best years to safeguard liberty against ISIS brutes.

Broomfield did his level best.


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