Jeb Bush taps Danny Diaz as campaign manager

On Monday, Jeb Bush announced Danny Diaz as his campaign manager in his quest to become the Republican presidential nominee. Diaz is a bit of a surprise pick for the Bush campaign as he was predicted to pick David Kochel.

Kohcel will still be on the team however, instead he will be responsible for gathering support for Bush in the early voting states. Kochel, a veteran of Iowa politics, will be critical to the campaign’s success in the first nominating contest early next year.

“‘David [Kochel] can best position us for success by playing a key leadership role focusing on how Jeb wins primaries, caucuses, and ultimately the general election and Danny’s [Diaz] skill¬†at rapidly moving content and campaign organization¬†makes him perfectly suited for running the day-to-day operations,’ said Bush senior adviser Sally Bradshaw.”

Bush’s team will have a lot of ground to make up in the race for the Republican seat. Early polls of Iowa Republican voters show that Bush is in the middle of the pack, with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker leading the way.

Bush, the governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007, has yet to officially announce his desire to run for the 2016 Presidential nomination. He is expected to formally announce his bid on June 15 in Miami.

The Bush campaign plans to split duties in an effort to maximize the strengths of team members. In addition to the campaign team, Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC will also take over some campaign duties. Mike Murphy, who was in charge of the Florida campaigns, will take charge of the super PAC.

Republican voters remain skeptical of another Bush campaign. It’s possible they may be waiting to see how his team will handle his announcement on June 15.