Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs accepts position with McDonalds

In a move which could overturn the applecart of Washington politics by sharply contrasting with official White House dietary policy, former Obama Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, has been named head of McDonalds’ government and public affairs division.

According to a Tuesday statement released by McDonalds, CEO, Steve Easterbrook, said Gibbs’ hire brings:

Experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as we build a more modern, progressive burger company.”

Hired by Mr. Obama as a communications advisor in 2004, Mr. Gibbs stayed with Obama for the first two years of his Senate term and joined the Obama White House as its chief spokesman in 2009, remaining until February, 2011.  After his departure, Mr. Gibbs assisted the Obama Administration in an “outside capacity” and accommodated Mr. Obama’s re-election bid in 2012.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Gibbs co-founded a strategic communications firm, The Incite Agency.

One wonders how Mr. Gibbs will battle the White House while peddling junk food.

Gibbs is an intelligent, experienced communications front man who will rob the White House of any sense of triumph by entering this industry.  Moreover, Mr. Gibbs must be a natural contrarian:  He is not counted as a member of a closed system of thought, one who learns, purely adapts and accepts the White House guiding principles as true without verification.

To Gibbs’ credit, unlike numerous former White House advisers, he is respecting unwritten Washington etiquette by avoiding the irresistible temptation to pen a tell-all memoir and blast his former boss and his policies.  By virtue of his loyalty, via shunning the creation of sensationalism and unwanted controversy for this White House through a memoir, Gibbs will avoid any real conflict with Mr. or Mrs. Obama.

The White House is thankful Gibbs’ destination is McDonalds:  It would be entirely different if Gibbs’ fancy led him to ply his craft with Halliburton, ExxonMobil or ConocoPhillips.  If this occurred, the White House would be in bits.



  1. Michael Bernard
    Michael Bernard

    Man, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Bob Gibbs. This piece of shit isn’t worth the single ply sheet of toilet paper I would write his name on prior to putting that TP to use.

    This guy is garbage. The fact that Obama has elevated his numerous “press secretaries” to advisor level status–literally taking policy advice from the people who should just be deflecting the White House Press Corps on a daily basis, speaks to Obama’s general incompetence as a commander in chief.

    The “Press Secretary” for McDonalds isn’t going to decide how to extricate themselves from a troublesome ground war in Iraq or how to spin TARP/TAMF and the Wall Street Bailout into “a good thing”.

    It is telling that this piece of dog excrement is from Auburn, Alabama but the city as well as state of Alabama does not claim this fat sack of crap. He went to NC State on a soccer scholarship and I speak for the entire state when I say we hoped we’d be done with his sorry ass at that point.

    I am sad as a shareholder of MCD I again have to worry about this moron. If I was Cramer I’d say “SELL SELL SELL” and I just might.

    For all of Alabama let me just say: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Bob Gibbs.

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