House votes to defund immigration defense

A trio of amendments introduced by Rep. Steve King (IA-R) to the Commerce, Justice and Science Appropriations Act were passed by the full House yesterday and chief among them was a measure that will defund the Obama Administration’s legal defense against the 26 state lawsuit over Obama’s executive action on immigration.

“This Congress has three times voted to reject the President’s initiative and the debate has been centered on Constitutional grounds,” King said on the House floor, noting that 22 times Obama himself [said he] did not have the authority to move forward with executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. “So my amendment prohibits any of the funds from being used to further defend this unconstitutional executive amnesty position,” King said on the House floor.

The executive actions remain on hold as the legal case works its way through the courts. An injunction was placed on implementation by Texas District Judge Andrew Hanen after it was revealed over 100,000 people had been accepted into the newly expanded programs despite reassurances by Justice Department attorneys that the programs had not yet begun.

King’s other amendments would disallow the addition of increased foreign worker visas in any trade legislation via “voice vote” and to block funding to municipalities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement, otherwise known as “sanctuary cities”.