CNN poll: Fifty percent hold unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton

In a late-May CNN/Opinion Research Corporation (ORC) poll, Hillary Clinton witnessed her overall favorability ratings fall to its lowest point in close to fifteen years.  From a low of 53% in 2001, those surveyed in late May 2015 placed her unfavorable designation at 50%.

Of the revelations in the poll, most troubling for Hillary Clinton is 57% of those interviewed defined Hillary Clinton as neither honest nor trustworthy.

A poll exposes present-day views only and the Clinton brand seems to survive everything.

Hillary’s real difficulty is lacking genuine authenticity:  Hillary lives in abundance and she implores for support from those who live in need.  Further, an equally burdensome hurdle for her is overcoming both her and her husband’s already notorious lack of ethics.  Hillary’s false sense of compassion and her slippery evasions of the law reflect the very dishonesty and lack of trustworthiness illustrated in the poll findings.  It is also worth mentioning Hillary’s seeking refuge from the press by refusing to hold press conferences or answer simple inquiries in passing only erodes her avowals she is transparent.

To be fair, Hillary has had the bar set higher because she is a woman and she has suffered immeasurably due to Bill’s numerous transgressions.  However, throughout his presidency, she maintained a relatively high approval rate, part of which was sympathy generated during the Lewinsky scandal.

Polls aside, the mounting specter of insurgent primary challengers in Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders may prove to be as devastating as President Obama’s challenge in 2008; this is something which she did not fully reckon with as she assumed she was the prohibitive favorite.  Notwithstanding a poll which represents a fleeting moment, Hillary, despite being offered great opportunities, has actively worked to circumvent the media for issues which compel a response.  For the time being, she can continue to sidestep the press corps with insufficient answers; however, as the campaign season gains momentum, Hillary will be obligated to answer unwanted and unwelcome questions in primary debates, an increase of which Senator Bernie Sanders is now calling for and it may be too late for her to indoctrinate viewers.

Hillary is a politician:  She is willing to be guided not by principle but by what the prevailing political winds dictate and her accumulation of wealth implies she craves power and the trappings of the White House.  If this poll continues to simmer, Hillary’s campaign will be thrown into a delirium and she will face the wholesale rejection of the electorate similar to 2008.

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