White House sees no “easy fix” if Supreme Court rules against Obamacare

With the Supreme Court set to rule on ObamaCare’s healthcare subsidies, the Obama administration is concerned that Congress may not be able to “fix” it if the Supreme Court rules against the subsidies. The court could rule on King v. Burwell within the week, but is more likely to come next month.

Whit House spokesman Josh Earnest warns that their may be “significant turmoil” if the Supreme Court were to rule against the Affordable Care Act. The administrations main concerns seem to come from the potential fighting with Republicans were the judgement to go against them. Earnest goes on to explain their position:

“There’s no easy fix to doing that, particularly when you consider how difficult it has been for common-sense pieces of legislation to move through the Congress,” he said at a briefing Friday. “With something as controversial as health care, it’s hard to imagine any sort of legislative fix passing through that legislative body.”

If the court rules against the Obama Administration as many as 8 million people across 34 states could lose their health care subsidies. They warn this could create a meltdown across the marketplace. They continue to claim they are not working on a fix if this happens.

The response has angered Republicans in Congress, some of whom have accused the administration of secretly preparing a plan but refusing to discuss it, hoping to influence the court with the idea that there is no alternative to the present situation.

According to Earnest, the White House also does not feel the Democratic fix will work either. If the court case succeeds the Democrats want to pass a one-page bill eliminating the vague language that the case is built on in the first place.

For their part, the House and Senate Republicans are also working on different responses to create a solution should the case prevail.

The White House continues to be optimistic that the Supreme Court will uphold their side of the argument.


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