15,000 Websites Block Congress

On Friday, the group Fight for the Future, provided a code that allowed websites to block congressional IP addresses. Congress was barred from accessing thousands of websites during the stunt, and many websites continue to block congressional IPs.

Right now the code affects only visitors from Congress, we’re willing to keep it up,” said Holmes Wilson, a co-founder of Fight for the Future, the group which wrote the code and is leading the online protest.

The redirect site also includes semi-nude, sometimes explicit photos submitted by people, under the heading: “NSA spying makes me feel naked.”

Pulling up a naked picture at work? Probably not on a congressional staffer’s to-do list.

The fight over whether or not to re-authorize parts of the Patriot Act has been ugly and highly publicized. The issue has split members of the same party, most notably Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. Different tactics have been employed by politicians and special interest groups to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Currently, Fight for the Future has a tally of 15,174 websites blocked.

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