John Kerry breaks femur in bicycle accident

Secretary of State John Kerry was in a bicycle accident while riding in the French Alps. Kerry was in near-by Geneva, Switzerland for talks on the Iranian nuclear program, and had been bicycling during the breaks.

Kerry broke his right femur, and was treated by immediately by medical professionals in his motorcade. He was then moved to a Geneva hospital.

The injury is close to where Kerry previously had hip surgery, and he will be flown back to the United States. The doctor that performed the hip surgery will attend to the Secretary at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Kerry regrets that he won’t be able to visit Spain as planned, and he also won’t be able to attend the Paris counter-ISIL coalition ministerial meeting on Tuesday.

Kerry is an experienced cyclist, known for his love of the hobby.

The secretary is an avid cyclist who also took his bike to the region in March, when he met previously with Iranian diplomats.

The Secretary is expected to make a full recovery.

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