Martin O’Malley declares bid for the White House

Martin O’Malley, the strapping, guitar-strumming former governor of Maryland, announced his bid for the White House by citing economic equality in America.  Said O’Malley:  “This is the urgent work calling us forward today: To rebuild the truth of the American Dream for all Americans and to begin right now.”

Seeking to posture himself as an outsider, O’Malley attacked fellow democrat Hillary Clinton and GOP-possible Jeb Bush as intimately connected with Wall Street.  While linking the two to the financial mecca, O’Malley repeated his assertion about the proprietary nature of the office when he said:  “Well, I’ve got news for the bullies of Wall Street: The presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families. It is a sacred trust to be earned from the people of the United States, and exercised on behalf of the people of the United States.”

Let us see how quickly O’Malley panders to the “bullies” of Wall Street he eviscerates in his announcement.

In his announcement, O’Malley offers little more than himself as an emergency alternative to Hillary Clinton, to whom he trails badly in recent polls.  Despite O’Malley’s Teutonic toughness, he merely echoes both Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’ ceaseless dialogue about the menacing influence of Wall Street.  While advertising his progressive values, highlighting economic opportunity for those living in the margins and summoning what he considers the moral obscenity of the income gap, O’Malley sounded more like a Populist-era muckraker advertising hysterical propaganda than a White House hopeful.

Although O’Malley appeared better coached in the delivery of his message, in his decidedly unglamorous words and more, he reveals strategic short-sightedness is his greatest liability:  O’Malley advertises his lack of authentic identity by borrowing the campaign slogans from Clinton and Sanders.

It is worth mentioning the Clinton brand is uniquely able to survive virtually anything. A recent Quinnipiac poll places O’Malley trailing Clinton by 56 points.

He has much ground to cover.